A brave man jumps into ice water to save a deer whose head is stuck in a bucket.

A brave man who jumped into cold water to save a helpless deer’s life gave her a second chance. The animal was seen swimming into the Long Island Sound in New York with a paint can on its head. It looked like the animal wouldn’t make it to shore, but a hero came along and saved the day.

The quick-thinking man is now being called a hero on the Internet. Because the dramatic rescue was caught on video. He saw the bad situation of the helpless deer and knew he had to act quickly to save the deer.

The animal was having trouble swimming because she had a bucket on her head and couldn’t see anything. Frankie knew he could only do one of two things. Either he takes the bucket out of the water and lets the deer go or takes the deer to the shore. No matter what, getting them out was not easy. “I saw her swimming around in circles. I took off my shoes and walked into the water. Frankie told THE DODO, “It was freezing, but I knew the situation was very dangerous, so I had to move quickly.” “If the bucket had been full of water, it would have held her head down, and she would have drowned.” As soon as Frankie got into the water, the scared deer started swimming away from him, making it nearly impossible for him to grab her and bring her to the shore.

But luckily, a good Samaritan in a boat saw him and sped over to help. They all walked up to the confused animal and barely tried to take the can off. Frankie could free the animal after a few tries, but even though she could now see, things weren’t much better because the confused deer was still swimming in circles. So Frankie thought of something else! “I laid down on the front of the boat, reached out, and grabbed her,” the man said.” The deer was not scared at all.

I could feel the beat of her heart in my hands.” Frankie carried the deer to the shore, and then she got lost in the forest. They just gave her a second chance because they cared so much. Thanks, brave people!

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