A photographer takes a one-in-a-million photo, but he doesn’t know it until he comes home.

Things happen in nature that seem too good to be true. These perfect coincidences show how beautiful and amazing the world around us is. A murmuration happened over the Costa Brava in northeastern Spain when a group of birds gathered into a cloud that changed shape.

This event is a real show, with hundreds or even thousands of birds moving and twisting in what looks like a single, coordinated organism that can quickly change into strange shapes. Daniel Biber/Lensculture is a professional wildlife photographer who took this picture. Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany, was there when the starlings started to swirl and turn. This was probably because a falcon or hawk was nearby and trying to catch them.

Image credits: Daniel Biber/lensculture 

The cloud of starlings twisted and turned into a giant, single bird as a response to the predator. if to tell the one who was bothering them, “We are bigger than you.” Mr. Biber had tried to catch the starlings in flight before, but he had never been able to do it. “I’ve tried to take pictures of starlings, but they never turned out as well as I’d hoped,” he said. “‘ I finally had to drive there every day for four days to get a picture of them.

I picked a place where I thought they would be and chose a foreground and a background that would go well with them. “It took the birds less than 10 seconds to make that shape. I realized I had taken a technical, sharp, and high-quality picture that was one of a kind. Most of the time, birds of prey show up, and the starlings then make strange shapes. It can be wild and unpredictable. “Many people were watching this show, but they were looking at it from different places, so they might not have seen what I saw.” Mr. Biber won a prize for the photos in an international photography contest. Still, he didn’t know until later that they were so special.

“I didn’t know what the starlings had done until I looked at the pictures on the computer later,” he told the Daily Mail. “At the time, I was so focused on taking pictures that I didn’t notice that the starling murmuration had turned the sky into a giant bird.”

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