A Russian artist makes adorable wool animals by felting them.

Yulia Derevschikova is an artist who lives in Khabarovsk, Russia. She makes beautiful animals out of felt and wool that look like they came from a Disney movie. Yulia started making these cute creatures in 2015, and she has already made more than 100 of them. The artist uses “felted wool,” which is not the same as “wool felt,” which is a different technique but looks very similar. The first one is mostly about threading and weaving, while the second is not.

The process of felting wool makes the wool fluffier, which gives it a soft, silky texture that works so well for making these cute little balls of fluff. Yulia is good at making animals from the woods and other strange animals out of this felted wool. She has a good eye for beauty, so each of her works of art has its own style. Each animal takes up to 20 hours to make, so you must be very dedicated. The artist gets her ideas from how much she cares about animals. Take a look at some of her best work below to see how cute these little creatures are.

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