A stray dog named Hera gave birth in Siberia’s harsh winter. The poor soul knew she’d have to struggle to feed and warm her puppies during the blizzard. She eventually discovered a cold, damp drainpipe by the road and hid inside with her pups from the storm. But the abandoned dog’s plight was far from over. Without human aid, she knew her infants wouldn’t survive the winter.

As the puppies got ill, Hera became anxious and ran from the pipe whenever she heard a car. She just needed help saving her babies. iheartdogs reports that nobody cares about her plight. Concerned passengers observed the helpless canine and contacted Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac. Milan braved the rough roads to rescue Hera. Despite the snow-covered pipes, Milan could locate the mother and her pups using her paw-prints.

Hera can be seen fleeing out of the pipe in a sweet video as Milan approaches her temporary home. The man was thrilled to find Hera but heartbroken to see her 4-week-old puppies shivering in the pipe. Getting the pups out of the uncomfortable boarding was tough since, unlike their mother, they weren’t acclimated to humans. Milan had to get them out soon because it was getting dark despite his claims. He realized this would be a difficult rescue, but he never abandoned the terrified puppies. As the weather worsened, he waited until the pups emerged.

First, he let Hera into the pipe, expecting her pups would follow. Next, he put out food to attract them, but he ultimately used a tool. Milan finally reunited the babies with their mom, who was so grateful.\

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