After a dramatic rescue on the Sheep River, a female moose calf is lucky to be alive outside of Calgary. Ben Clark and Scott Linton paddled on the Sheep River in Southwestern Alberta when they saw something strange. They saw a moose calf curled up on a cliff shelf across from them, just above the river level. The calf saw the kayakers almost at the same time as the kayakers. It stood up, lost its balance, and fell helplessly into the water below, moving quickly. The Sheep River gets most of its water from glaciers, and in the spring, it can get very cold. Even though the water was cold, Clark knew that if he didn’t help the calf, it would head straight for one of the bigger rapids on the river. Swimming through it could kill you. They knew they had to move quickly.

“We jumped out of the boats and started looking for mama while going into rescue mode,” Clark said. In late spring, cow moose with calves are very protective of them and have been known to attack people who get too close. Linton waded into the river while holding on to a throw rope and pulled the calf out of the water. With the help of Clark, he brought the calf to the edge of the river and started rubbing it to keep it warm. Linton and Clark left the scene quickly after they had saved the people. “The calf walked up into the sun and started calling for its mother, so we got out of there as fast as we could,” Clark said.

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