Since her husband died, Mette Kvam, 81, has lived alone in her house on a mountainside. Life can be a bit lonely at times. But in Aurland, Norway, four years ago, a hungry stag walked into Mette’s yard. Mette liked the giant deer because of how kind and gentle it was. She soon found out that he liked to snack on little pieces of bread. She gave him the name Flippen, and the next day, he was back to stand under Mette’s window.

Since that first chance meeting, he has been there twice a day. A woman named Britt was walking through the mountains when she saw Mette and Flippen together. She took a picture of the sweet scene below. The lovely widow’s favorite thing is feeding and talking with her good friend. Over the years, they’ve grown to be very close. The wild stag has to stand on his back legs and reach up to his human friend’s window to get to her, but he doesn’t mind. He can always count on getting a special treat, some nice words, and a few pets scratches just for good measure.

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