In a fruitless move, we destroy pests’ predators. How to attract owls for natural rodent control. Owls can act as natural pest management for American crops and houses if we don’t poison them.

63% of owl carcasses contained rodenticide between 1983 and 2006. Three Brodifacoum-poisoned mice can kill an owl in two weeks. Internal bleeding causes a 1- to 3-week death. Instead of murdering them, we should make our homes, gardens, and farms more welcoming so they can provide non-toxic natural pest control. Owls will live anywhere with food, shelter, and water. Voles, rats, mice, skunks, and other varmints hunting for a nighttime snack will think twice before coming out of their holes to feast on your flower bed and crops.

The average owl consumes 1000 mice a year. In small groups, barn owls can devour hundreds of rats per night. They eradicate pests with little cost or effort. Owls coexist with other birds while controlling vermin. Other birds won’t see them because they hunt at night and sleep during the day. For owls, put out a bird feeder. Mice are drawn to fallen seeds by owls. Mice like woodpiles and brushes.

These are ideal sites for owls to hunt. Plug any gaps around your house, so they don’t get into your pantry or cabinet. Despite getting most of their water from the prey, owls will appreciate a birdbath. Owls like to relax in shaded, isolated settings. Hollowed-out trees with perching branches are good. Also, nesting boxes. Offering owls a safe area to sleep all day might attract these predators.

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