The saved baby fox needs to cuddle up with its soft bunny toy.

These sweet photos show how a baby fox and a bunny became best friends after the fox was left alone. Bushy-tailed Puggle was just two weeks old when his family left him in a back garden in north London. The National Fox Welfare Society took care of him. Since then, the child left alone has been cared for and has made friends with an old bunny toy, which is very soft. They are always together and spend hours cuddling up and playing outside.

The fox society helps injured or abandoned cubs get better, and Puggle was the first cub of the breeding season to come to them. He will be strong enough by the summer to go back into the wild independently. Society will let him go with a group of other orphaned foxes in a way called “soft release.” A spokesperson said, “Through soft release, the cubs will eventually disperse, just like wild fox cubs do, searching for their own territory and mate.” So, every effort is made to make the release program as natural as possible and to make it look like what would happen in the wild at the same time.

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