A pregnant pig escapes the farm to save her babies.

Mother-child love is the strongest force on Earth. Mothers do anything to safeguard their children. Unseen is how this future mom protected her unborn babies. A pregnant pig escapes a factory farm to give birth safely. Anna Aston was surprised to see a sow and her piglets while walking her dog in Nottingham, England. She believed they were wild boars, but they’re farm pigs.

Anna realized she was in a strange predicament then. “They just looked like pigs,” the woman told BBC. “I thought, ‘This is wrong.” You don’t find them in woods.” Anna called Brinsley Animal Rescue for the piglets and their mother. The next day, Jon and Beth Beresford investigated. Jon told The Dodo that the pig fled from a nearby farm and had her kids in the woods. All babies seemed healthy, but she was skinny and could only graze because of a nasal ring. Surprisingly, rescuers couldn’t save the mother and her babies. Matilda escaped from a farm, so they couldn’t take her to a shelter. “She wanted to preserve her babies, but we couldn’t,” Jon added. “We required owners’ permission” Finding the owners was difficult, so the rescuers turned to the media.

Luckily, the story became viral, and a happy ending was close. No easy way! Matilda and her babies find a safe place to live for the rest of their lives owing to a fund-raiser, nice individuals, and diligent work. Matilda and her eight piglets spent their first night of freedom with the animal rescue. “She’s such a fantastic mother. She no longer worries about them.”

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