STORK flies thousands of miles every year just to see his hurt soulmate.

A stork shows the world that we still have a lot to learn from animals with an amazing act of love and loyalty. This faithful bird has traveled over 5,000 miles every spring for the past 20 years to find his injured soulmate. He does this because he loves his soulmate. The bird named Klepetan shows everyone that love is the most powerful force in the world by how much he loves. This started in 1993, when Klepetan’s partner, Malena, was hurt when a hunter hit her.

A school teacher from the small Croatian village of Slavonsky Brod, Stjepan Vokin, found the bird lying in the mud. The nice man fixed its broken wing and took care of it. He even made a nest for her on top of his roof. Twenty years ago, when Klepetan first saw her, it was there. Since then, the story of how they fell in love has amazed everyone. While Klepetan spends the winters in South Africa, his soulmate is enjoying the warmth of her caretaker home. The teacher said that the bird is already a family member. But since 2001, people in the area and, more recently, a huge online community have been looking forward to Klepetan’s return at the beginning of March. And in almost twenty years, the stork has never let them down. Every year, the pair has chicks, which they raise together. When the chicks are old enough to fly, the male teaches them how to do so and then takes them to South Africa for the winter.

The people in the area are so excited about their famous lovebird Klepetan. They are all waiting for him to come back in early March. So far, the oldest stork known to be alive was 39 years old. But the people who live there want this special relationship to last for a long time. You can learn more about this amazing love story in the video below.

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