Someone threw away a couch where a bear was relaxing “just like a person.”

In many ways, animals can act more human than people. Mandy Stantic took this funny but cute picture when she went to a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba and saw a bar sitting on a couch. Bears are often in this garbage dump because that’s where they go to find food, which is still a strange place for bears to be. It might go there to eat and get tired, so the couch is a good place to rest. Mandy saw that the bear was waiting for the other bears to finish their work by sitting cross-legged in a very kind way. The way the sofa is set up puts an abandoned TV in front of it, making it look like this bear is watching TV on a garbage dump.

This is such a fun story, and Mandy’s pictures are so great. The person who took these pictures, Mandy Stantic, said that you couldn’t tell from the pictures, but it’s possible that the bear watched an old TV. “Every time someone brought in new trash, the bears would all run like a herd to whatever vehicle was there so they could go through it first,” she said. “Just a different thing to see. It doesn’t happen very often.”

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