South African truckers saved a baby elephant that had been left alone and was thirsty.

On their way to Botswana, South African truckers found a young elephant. The herd of elephants left the three-week-old baby elephant alone. The Good Guy Things says that the three South African truckers, Carlos Santos, Johan Groenewald, and Pieter Roussow, found the baby elephant from Johannesburg to Nata, Botswana.

The truckers found the elephant when they had to stop 100 km away from Nata. Because a bridge had washed away because of all the rain. Nata is a village in the north of Botswana’s Central District, about 900 km from Johannesburg. The truckers gave the baby elephant water because it looked thirsty and tried to find the rest of the herd, but they couldn’t. People think that the little guy was left by his herd. Read on…

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