A Husky puppy who loves snow won’t let his grandpa clean it up.

Buster is a Husky puppy who loves snow a lot. His favorite thing in the world is to play outside in the cold. He doesn’t like it when you tell him it’s time to go back inside.

Buster’s dad, Michael Kapusty, says that getting him inside late at night can be hard. He would much rather sleep in a snowbank than in his bed. He will pounce and dive in the snow like a dolphin does in the water.


As a Husky, he has a stubborn side from his breed. He just knows what he wants and doesn’t see why he should have to give anything up. When Buster saw the first big snowball of the season this year, he was excited. He couldn’t wait to run around and play in it, so he was furious when he saw his grandpa shoveling it away.


Since it was his first snowfall of the year, he didn’t want it to melt, so he sat down in the middle of it. And when his grandpa had to shovel that part of snow away, he wouldn’t move. Grandpa knew that was just like Buster. He was told to move, but he didn’t look like he was ready.


By the way, Buster finally gave up and let someone shovel away his little snow pile. He was upset with everyone until he saw that there was still a lot of snow outside. Then he went back to playing and having fun.

Buster will always be crazy about snow, no matter what. If someone tries to take his snow, he will fight as long as possible to keep it.

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