The rescue dog waits by her bed for her dad to tuck her in every night.

Dogs don’t always sleep well. Bailey is also involved. Mac Clenney wrapped her like a burrito before bedtime. The rescue dog sleeps soundly.

Clenney and his wife adopted Animal Rescue 2020. Then they understood the puppy had feared.

Bailey was more comfortable and quiet when draped in a blanket on the couch. Bailey’s foster mom said she was one of the most terrified and timid dogs she’d ever met.


Clenney fell for Bailey and consulted a dog behaviorist. Not so simple. She would fly off the couch once they entered the living room. Six months passed before she let me near her. Bailey trusted her new family by then.

Bedtime tease. When she cuddled, they left her. She was still tucked in the following day. They did it nightly. Penny, Clenney’s orange tabby, is a “diva.” It also bonded with Bailey.

Penny will troll Bailey with her tail. Bailey pretends like she wants to chase Penny, but she knows she can’t catch her. Bailey’s rescue. A fearful dog taught parents a valuable lesson.

Months and years were needed to show her a gentler world. She visits parks, stores, and breweries with them. She’s improving.

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