Spain’s highest court stopped the torture of bulls at the “Toro de la Vega” festival.

At the “Toro de la Vega” festival in Castilla y León, it has been a tradition for almost 500 years for men to stab young bulls with spears.

Because of pressure from Spanish animal rights groups like PACMA and PETA on the people in charge, the regional government of Castilla y León made it illegal to stab bulls at the festival in 2016. But Tordesillas City Council went to the Supreme Court soon after this groundbreaking decision. So the story goes, there was no reason to stop people from killing.

This time, the Spanish Supreme Court turned down the appeal, ending the nearly 500-year-old practice of torturing animals. During the party, the bulls are not only hurt with arrows and spears. But they are also stabbed in the end. Before that, the tail is still alive and is cut off. The person who killed the animal was given a ceremonial spear and a medal by the city council.

This success is an important step in a large movement growing in Spain. People are getting less and less interested in going to festivals and other events where bulls are hurt for entertainment. Bullfights have already been banned in more than 100 cities. A survey found that 80% of Spaniards do not agree with these cruel events.

It’s great that more and more cities and regions are banning bullfights. But people still make a lot of bulls suffer for their amusement. For example, a “fire bull” is a bull that has bad luck poured over its head and then set on fire. Please join us in telling people to do something about this animal cruelty.

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