When a man sees a scared dog struggling in the cold water, he jumps in and risks his life to save the dog.

Don Chatten was walking his two rescue dogs at Ellicott Creek Dog Park when one of them stopped just under the bridge, looked strange, and wouldn’t move. Don decided to stay with the group. Not long after that, he heard a faint whimpering coming from the creek.

Don knew that a dog had gone missing in the area, so he went there to see if he could find the dog. Sure enough, he did find a dog stuck in the middle of a body of icy water. Don yelled for people in the park to call 911, but he knew that by the time help got there, the little dog probably wouldn’t be alive.

So he had to move quickly! Don didn’t think twice about going in to save the dog himself. He broke the ice with his forearm on the rescue mission. Then went up to his waist in the cold water. He was then able to hold the dog close to his chest and crawl as quickly as possible back to the shore.

Jackson was a mix of Terrier and another breed. As soon as they got out of the water, the dog was taken to the vet to ensure everything was okay. Vets said that Jackson was still alive and well with them because Don was brave and quick-thinking. The dog’s owner was also thrilled to see his family member again.

People in the area are praising Don for his brave actions, but he says it was all the dog’s doing because the dog was the one who called for help when it sensed danger. We wish there were more Dons in the world to help animals who are in trouble.

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