A kind-hearted lioness stops a hungry lion from eating a hurt baby fox.

Do you believe in miracles? If you’ve never seen a miracle before, here’s one.

This story comes from one of Botswana’s national parks. The mother lioness was walking proudly through the park when she heard crying. The cry came from a young fox who had been hurt. She got to the baby fox and saw that its back legs were hurt, so it couldn’t move.

Then the male of the pride jumped on the cub and was ready to tear him apart. The next thing that happened was a miracle!

The brave lioness stood in the lion’s way and wouldn’t let him pass. The lioness stood up for the baby fox and wouldn’t let anyone get close to it. We knew they were the kings of the animals, and the lioness’s strong maternal instinct saved the fox’s life.

Every time the lion tried to get to the fox, all the lioness did was give him a paw. So, the group of lions left.

Soon, the fox cub felt better and went back to his family. It’s a great example of how much nicer animals are than people.

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