This bear is chilling out on an old mattress.

Some wild animals do things we don’t expect them to do. Look who’s having a good time on a mattress!

Keira Mamkawa from Ontario, Canada, caught this wild bear at a nearby trash dump. The woman had been busy all day with work, and she also had to take a lot of trash to the local dump. But what she saw there, after a long time, made her day!

Look at the one who wasn’t worried and was enjoying his day! He was thrilled with the treasure he found in the trash. Bears don’t always have to go far to find something to eat. Sometimes they come to where people live. But most of the time, they only got leftovers like bones or fish skeletons to eat. But this one looks like he came to find something to eat, but he decided to just chill out instead. He has planned a day out for himself and is having a good time. even though he didn’t notice the woman taking pictures of him.

He might be full and going to sleep.

Mamkawa said it was hilarious and amazing. She was going to leave the dump when she was done. But the bear would not get out of bed! Who else would leave such a comfortable bed! If she waited a while, she would hear him snoring.

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