This is the largest group of orcas that have ever been caught on camera.

Have you ever seen this many orcas swimming together? No, that’s not it! Because this was the first time a camera caught so much of a big pod!

A great picture of these killer whales was taken off the coast of Norway. The truth is that there are around 300 whales! The video looks terrifying!

Most of the time, these types of predators stick together in small groups. A wildlife guide was the first person to see this huge pod. At first, they thought it was possible that they were related. But when they saw that the number kept going up, they gave up on the idea.

When it’s time for them to mate, a lot of orcas also get together. Anyhow, they are very secretive about how they breed, and no one has ever seen such a big group of them before.

They saw that a lot of seabirds were running away, so they found out about the orca meeting. They also learned that there was a fleet of fishing boats nearby. So they swim to get food this way. And these waters have a lot of herring, which is one of the Orcas’ favorite foods. When fishing season started, they all came to this place.

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