An elephant sleeps in the middle of the road, stopping traffic.

This is the amazing moment when an elephant sleeps in the middle of the street, stopping all the cars.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, in northeastern Thailand, an elephant named Nga-Thong stops traffic by sleeping in the middle of the road.

Nattawat Patsungsing was late for work in Nakhon Ratchasima, in northern Thailand, because a stubborn animal had just laid there for about 20 minutes.

Mr. Patsungsing, who was taking pictures of the majestic Indian elephant from his car, had to stop and stay quiet so that the animal wouldn’t charge.

The animal’s legs and ears move back and forth as it drifts in and out of a deep sleep.

The elephant finally lifts its trunk and stands up on its back legs.

In the video, you can hear him say, “Oh boy, you’re taking up the whole road.” Little boy, could you please move? I’ve got to go to work. ”

When Nga-Thong the elephant stands up, it keeps an eye on Mr. Patsungsing as he carefully backs away.

Officials say that in the winter, the elephant is often found lying on the concrete to keep warm.

The driver said that wildlife officials in the area told him that the elephant’s name was Nga-Thong, which in Thai means “golden ivory.”

“Nga-Thong doesn’t like to show himself when there are a lot of cars and loud buses on the road, so most of the time national park officers are the ones who see him.” People say that he is very shy. ”

“I waited for him to get up for about twenty minutes.” I was late to work that day, but I was glad to see him so close.

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