The dog ran through a burning house to save his best friend, the cat.

This is an amazing story about a brave dog who takes the biggest chance for love and friendship.

A big explosion in a company building in Ukraine started it all a few years ago. The explosion caused a fire to start.

Extreme flames and thick smoke filled the area around the fire, including a few nearby homes.

Residents had to leave their homes quickly, and they only had time to grab their most valuable possessions and their pets.

When a resident let his dog out into the front yard, he thought the dog would follow him to safety. Instead, the dog ran right into the fire.

The resident stood there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do, because it was too dangerous for him to follow the puppy into the fire.

As he watched his house burn, he hoped his dog would come back. Soon, he saw a familiar shadow come out of his house, but it wasn’t just the pup.

He saw his dog come out of the fire with a kitten in its mouth, but the family was too far away to grab it.

When we found out that the dog and the kitten were best friends and spent a lot of time together hanging out and playing, we were happy for them.

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