A wildlife photographer crawls through the mud to save an eagle that got stuck.

Wildlife photographers often go out into the wild and take pictures in all kinds of weather to get great shots of animals. People don’t usually walk miles through cold, slick mud to save animals. But that’s what Polish photographer Krzysztof Chomicz did when he saw a giant bird of prey stuck in the mud far from the shore. The whole rescue was caught on video by a drone. Chomicz was taking pictures near the marshlands of Swinoujscie, a city in northwestern Poland when he and a few other photographers saw the huge bird submerged in the oily mud at low tide. The bird was stuck in a muddy trap and was too tired to try to get out. Chomicz tied a rope around his waist in the video while a friend stayed on solid ground and pulled him back to safety.

Chomicz finally gets to the bird and starts the hard work of dragging it back to shore. It must have taken a lot of strength and stamina to get the bird back to solid ground. Chomicz put the poor bird in a bag and took him to an animal shelter when they got back to land.

The mud on the bird was washed off with a hose, revealing a beautiful young eagle. It was a white-tailed eagle and was only about 6 months old. The eagle was named “Icarus” after a character from Greek mythology. Icarus has a second chance to fly in the sky because Chomicz and his friends worked hard.

Watch the video below to see how Chomciz saved an eagle.

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