A scared coyote pup was trapped in a caved-in den, but construction workers could free it.

When the roof fell in on this baby coyote’s den, construction workers came to help. “I found a coyote den when I was digging through a pile of bedrock to put through our rock crusher. When I opened it for the first time, four coyotes ran away. “I found this little guy when I went back for another rock,” writes David Bradley. “The den had fallen down on him, trapping him 5 feet underground.” Bradley says, “It’s amazing that I didn’t hurt him even though I couldn’t have known he was there. HE WAS JUST ” THERE when I moved to the next rock, he was just “there.”

“I asked a coworker to come over and help me dig him out by hand. A cute little coyote pup with blue eyes. He didn’t seem afraid of us, and he even looked like he knew we wouldn’t hurt him. The puppy ran off to find the rest of his family as soon as he was set free. \ Coyote is a dog, so it is in the family of dogs. Even though it looks like a wolf, it is a different animal. The United States, Mexico, and Canada all have coyotes.

They live in deserts, mountains, and prairies, which have different kinds of ecosystems. You can also find them near cities, on farms, and in the suburbs of New York and New Jersey. There were about the same number of coyotes in the wild a few years ago. Coyote is also called bush wolf and prairie wolf.

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