Malissa Sergent Lewis didn’t expect to save a life last week on her way to work. But she did that very thing. She had no idea that the trip would change her life for the rest of her days. Lewis ran a little late to the Kentucky elementary school where she works, so she took a back road to get there faster. Even though she was in a hurry, Lewis noticed something shockingly ordinary on that quiet country street. “I saw a trash bag in the road, and I thought, ‘Did I just see that bag move?’ She told The Dodo, “As I got closer, I saw that it was moving.” “That was so hard for me to understand. I knew there was something alive in that bag, and I had to get it out.”

In a video Lewis took with her cell phone, the animal can be seen hobbling toward her car. Lewis moved slowly toward the bag because he didn’t know if a dangerous animal was inside. She helped anyway, though. She said, “The bag was closed with a knot, so I carefully tore off a corner and looked inside.” “It was a little dog. And he was thrilled to see me. As soon as I opened it and he saw the light, his tail started to wag. He was sure he was fine. I didn’t think it was real.” She took the puppy to work because he had a collar but no ID. When she got home that night, she took the puppy to the vet for a checkup. The vet said he was no older than eight weeks old and in perfect health. No one knows if the puppy was abandoned by its owner or if someone stole it and put it there. Lewis says that the police are looking into the case, but she is sure that someone did it on purpose and that he would have died if she hadn’t found him in time.

“Who would do such a thing to an animal? She said, “It doesn’t matter who you are; everyone loves puppies.” “Someone with a tough heart would put an animal, any animal, in a trash bag and leave it on the side of the road. They did that with very bad intentions.” The puppy was lucky, though, because he found the right person to help him not just in that one desperate moment but for the rest of his life. Malissa decided to keep the puppy, so she named him Hefty. Her sons were pretty excited about their new dog, so that’s not a surprise. Lewis and her family have already grown close to the little dog she saved, even though it’s only been a few days. They even gave him a name, Hefty, that hints at how he was found by accident. Things are now getting better for him. Since, likely, no one will ever come forward to claim Hefty, Lewis and her family have decided to give him a forever home themselves. Lewis said, “We all love the puppy.” “We’re going to love him and give him a good home. I’m just glad I was there at the right time and place to save him. It was like that.”

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