A puppy walks his horse friend around the farm.

A tiny 10-week-old puppy took his horse friend for a walk around their farm in May Downs, Queensland. This was an adorable scene. The cute cattle dog saw that his big friend had a leash around his neck, so he took him for a short walk around the property. Their owner took a video of the sweet moment.

The little dog can’t wait to show his friend around the 13,500-acre estate.

Lauren Mackinnon was giving his foal, Campy, a bath when her tiny puppy, PJ, decided his four-legged friend had had enough and jumped in to help. So, the tiny puppy grabbed the horse’s leash and walked him. Even though the horse was bigger than his small dog friend, it followed PJ without question.

Lauren Mackinnon

The small horse is following the white horse.

As soon as Lauren saw what was going on, she started laughing aloud. After all, you don’t often see a dog leading a horse on a leash. But the owner, who was amused, could catch the moment on camera.

Lauren Mackinnon

“I’m always making videos of our animals… “They are so funny!” said the owner. “It makes us appreciate the small things in life again.”

Campy stopped after a short time!

Lauren Mackinnon

Let’s hope these unlikely friends have more moments like this one because it’s so heartwarming to see them get along. The video’s description says, “PJ is a puppy on an Australian cattle farm who loves to walk Campy, a 20-year-old gelding.”

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