Boaters save a baby moose that got stuck and bring her back to her mother.

When these friends decided to go on a trip through the Canadian wilderness, they didn’t expect to save a baby moose who was crying. Still, when they saw the small animal stuck between two rocks, they ran to help it. After a lot of work, they were able to save the helpless animal and bring her back to her mother.

In a short video that has gone viral, you can see kind people boating on a river in Ontario, Canada. Suddenly, they saw a newborn moose lying on rocks at the water’s edge. Since the mother moose was close by, the men knew the calf might get stuck, so they went up to her to find out what was happening.

As soon as they got there, one of the men tried to free the poor little animal. But he soon found out that she had gotten her leg caught between two rocks. The calf was too heavy for the man to lift by himself, so two other men helped. Eventually, they could set the baby moose free, which was a good thing.

Facebook Watch/ THE DODO

But setting the little creature free wasn’t enough. The moose calf was too young and weak to get to her mother independently. So, the people who came to help carried her in their arms through the sharp rocks until they got to a safe place. The worried mother moose was able to find her baby in the end.

This child’s life was saved by these brave people. They really care about animals. Click here to see the heartwarming rescue! The video says, “Four guys save a baby moose whose mother left it behind.” “The baby moose was taken to the mainland and set free there. The moose was not hurt or hurt in any way.”

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