Puppy having a bad dream is comforted by sister in sweet footage

Even though these adorable little puppies are just learning to walk, they are already taking care of each other. A group of Dachshund puppies was filmed comforting each other while they slept. This is the kind of scene that will melt your heart.

A dog owner was so taken with how cute her sleeping puppies were that she decided to take a picture with her phone. However, she got much more than she expected!

As soon as Wendy Mullins turned on the camera, one of the puppies had a bad dream and started moving all over the place. But before the owner could do anything, another puppy ran over to comfort the little one. As soon as the scared puppy felt his sister’s warmth and comfort, he fell asleep again in a much more peaceful way.

The cute video was then posted online. It’s less than a minute long, but that was more than enough to warm the hearts of millions of people! One dog owner said, “This is why I love animals more than people.” Another person said, “This might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”

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