The diver who saved the turtle from the fishing nets gives her a big hug.

This turtle hugs the diver who freed it from the fishing nets.

A turtle seems to hug a diver who saved its life in a very sweet scene. Off the coast of Mexico, the poor sea creature got caught in some old fishing nets. A Puerto Rican surfer saw it struggling and ran to help it. He got the nicest thank-you for his help. A GoPro camera was used to record the beautiful moment.

When they saw a sea turtle in trouble, Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton were preparing to kite surf in Baja, California, Mexico. After getting caught in fishing nets, the helpless turtle fought for its life, but luckily, these two heroes saved it!

Dietrich told MailOnline, “When I saw it was tangled, I jumped in the water and started cutting it free.” “It had been fighting for its life for probably 12 to 20 hours and was completely worn out.”

The two surfers worked together to free the turtle. Dietrich cut the ropes tied around the turtle’s body, and his friend helped it stay afloat. After they set the turtle free, the men stayed with it to make sure it could swim again. The creature didn’t look dangerous, so the surfers swam away. But not long after, they got the biggest shock of their lives.

In the video, you can see the turtle that Dietrich saved change its path and walk up to him to thank him. The sea creature got only a few inches away from the diver, and it looked like it had given him a hug. The surfer had no idea what was going to happen.

He said, “It came back to me and landed on my chest. It came right up to my face and let me touch its underside.” “It came up to my mask and then swam away. It was an amazing time.”

Here is where you can see the surprise:

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