This dog was raised by a tough prisoner, but wait until you see what happens when he says goodbye.

Castaways is a documentary series about a successful program where inmates train unwanted dogs to be reintroduced to the public or adopted. The show shows how both prisoners and unwanted dogs are in bad situations and how a strange friendship between them changes them, trying to save and help the other. The results will change the lives of the prisoner, the dog, and the person who will buy the dog as a pet. In the video below, you’ll meet a dog named Esther. She was badly mistreated in a puppy mill before the Prison-trained K-9 Companion Program helped her get better.

It’s amazing to see how Jason, a prisoner, gets close to Esther and ends up training her and helping her come out of her shell. But when it’s time to say goodbye, it’s hard on both of them. It’s heartwarming because many people avoid both prisoners and “unwanted” breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers, but this program gives them a chance to find love, friendship, and understanding in each other and help each other grow. More prisons in the United States should use this kind of program.

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