A homeless man from Colombia shows that being kind doesn’t cost anything. After a video of him having a party for one of his dogs’ birthdays went viral, people said nice things about him online. One night, the man gave the two dogs party hats and petted them while sitting on the stairs. He then takes a small cake out of a plastic bag because no birthday party is complete without a cake. The man can then be heard lighting some candles and singing “Happy Birthday” to his dogs while giving them lots of kisses.

The man, whose name is Choco, then gives each of his dogs a piece of cake before taking a bite himself. Here’s where you can see the touching video: Rótelo, a journalist who was the first to post the video, said that the man lives on a street in the Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, neighborhood of Cabecera. Even though he doesn’t have a home, this man is known for taking care of his dogs and is often seen with them. As the video went viral, many people came up to him and gave him lots of love and gifts. People have stopped by a meeting place in San Po Park and given many things to the man and his dogs. The results of an Instagram search show that Choco, whose real name is José Luis Matos, is from the town of El Peón. He said the party was to celebrate the fourth birthday of his dog Shaggy, the black one in the video. Nena, his other dog, has been with him for 10 years, and he celebrates his birthday in November. In response to questions from people who joined his Instagram live, he said he had to leave home and live on the street because of physical abuse. He also said that he wanted to make music and open a shelter for animals.

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