Adorable moment After years apart, an orphaned bear is reunited with the person who saved it.

Reunions are always heartwarming, but it’s charming when orphaned animals see the people who used to care for them when things were hard. It’s always nice to get a big hug, just like in the old days, whether you’re a tiny puppy or a huge wild animal. So when this 800-pound bear meets up with a human friend he hasn’t seen in a few years, the result is nothing but cute.

A bear meets up with the man who used to take care of her when she was a cub. It’s a sweet moment. The beautiful moment happened at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, a wildlife center in Otisville, New York. It shows why everyone calls these giants gentle.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

When rescuers brought Sonya to the center, she was sad and scared, just like any other animal whose mother had died. But because of people like Jonathan, she and many other animals learned to enjoy life again. When Sonya came, she was just a little cub, and Jonathan took care of her for many years. They spent a lot of time together, which helped them become very close.

Sonya can’t be set free in the wild, so she will always live at the wildlife center. But her old friend Jonathan decided to surprise her by coming to see her recently. Since Jonathan and the bear haven’t seen each other in years, he doesn’t know if the bear will remember him.

But as the video shows, Sonya not only immediately recognized the man who raised her, but she was so happy to see him again!

Orphaned Wildlife Center

“When she was a little cub, Johnathan was one of the people who took care of her,” a center worker said. “She hasn’t seen him in a very long time, but he came to see her recently to see if she remembered him. She not only remembered Johnathan, but she also remembered the game they used to play when she was little.

Like they used to, they hugged and played together. You must see this beautiful moment:

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