The world’s largest bunny has a rival: his huge son, Jeff.

You’ve probably all heard about Darius, the biggest rabbit in the world. At 4ft 3in tall and almost 50 pounds, the giant bunny didn’t have any rivals. It wasn’t until now when it looked like another big rabbit was ready to take it. And guess what? He’s Jeff, Darius’s son.

Jeff is already 3ft 8in tall, but he has a few more months to grow, so who knows? Maybe he’ll break a record soon. In the meantime, the two gentle giants live in England with their human mother.

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Their mom said, “Even though they’re big, they’re the best animal friends I could ask for.” “They are both very calm and easygoing. Like most rabbits, these two like lots of attention and get along well with kids. Even other animals get along with them!”

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Annette Edwards from Bromsgrove says that even though her giant rabbits eat a lot, she loves being around them more than anything else. Continental Giants, like Darius and Jeff, are the largest species of rabbit in the world. So, for these giant rodents to get that big, they need to eat a lot. Each of them eats about 7,000 carrots and more than 700 apples. That’s in addition to the special food they eat every day.

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“Being the biggest rabbit in the world and his son, they have a big appetite to match,” said Annette, the rabbit’s owner. “But eating hay all day is good for them because it keeps their teeth and digestive system healthy.”

Watch the video below to learn more about these gentle giants.

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