A curious baby whale wakes up its sleeping mother to give a diver an experience he will never forget.

Two snorkelers were swimming off the coast of French Polynesia when they saw something they won’t soon forget. A mother whale and her baby were close to the swimmers, but they kept a safe distance. Still, the baby whale came over to them so they could cuddle. A drone took a video of the moment, which is nothing short of amazing.

The drone video shows the baby whale splashing and playing while its mother seems to be sleeping. Even though humpback whales are gentle and friendly, you might not want to get too close to them. Still, that’s what happened to these two swimmers.

The baby whale suddenly left its sleeping mother and decided to give one of the swimmers the chance of a lifetime. The strange mammal swam up to the woman swimming below, but it only did so to pick her up with the help of its pectoral fin. The woman rode the whale calf for a short time!

Eamon Porter

Eamon Porter took a video of the rare event. The Australian photographer, who is 29 years old, was using his drone to take pictures of some beautiful sights when he got this shot.

Eamon Porter

“The calf was very interested in the people, so it decided to come in and check them out,” Porter said. “It got close to them and pushed one of the swimmers out of the water on its belly. It showed how people and nature are connected. I love how nature came to the person in this case. I’m sure the mother knew people were nearby, but she trusted her baby enough to let it play with them even though it was probably only a few weeks old.

Eamon Porter

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