Pigs fight off a huge bear that jumped into their pen in wild footage.

Two brave pigs worked together to chase a huge black bear out of their pen. This is not something you see every day. The wild animal thought he had found the easiest meal, but he learned the hard way how brave pigs can be. A ring camera caught the exciting moment on film!

Rebecca Shaw got Mary and Hammy over a year ago as therapy pigs. When a strange visitor came to see them, they were enjoying the day in their comfortable enclosure in New Milford, Connecticut. A black bear climbed over the fence and jumped in, but it wasn’t what he thought it would be. The pigs didn’t back down and bravely fight to keep their pen.

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After jumping inside, the big bear met Mary, who didn’t hesitate to fight back. After a few seconds, Hammy went over to his friend, and the two of them were able to corner the bear and make him run away. The owner of the pigs couldn’t say a word after seeing the video of the moment.

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The woman said, “I’m very proud of them because little Hammy is scared of his own shadow, and he ran out when he saw Mary fighting with the bear.” “Oh no, no way, get out,” he said.

WTNH News8

Lucky for them, none of the pigs were hurt, and even though they were pretty scared, they got over it very quickly. Rebecca said, “Thank God they were okay because it could have been much worse.”

Here you can see the exciting moment!

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