The rescued elephant keeps breaking sprinklers so that it can play in the water.

The only thing that makes this rescued elephant truly happy is dancing in the rain. Since it doesn’t rain every day, she made her own fountain. Faa Sai keeps breaking the water pipe, even though it causes problems for the staff, so she can do what she loves most.

Asian elephant Faa Sai was rescued and taken to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A cute video shows how quickly she got used to her new life there. But it’s not the rest of the herd or the caring staff that gives her so much comfort. It’s the sprinkler system, or more specifically, the broken sprinkler.

Elephant Nature Park

Like every other elephant, Faa Sai loves to play in the water. She would have splashed around for days, but the sprinkler pressure wasn’t as strong as she wanted it to be, so she just broke the pipe and got what she wanted: her own fountain. But it turned out that the elephant always broke these pipes, so now the staff doesn’t even bother to fix them. After all, their goal here is to make the elephants feel comfortable and happy, and Faa Sai seems happier than ever.

Elephant Nature Park

Faa Sai’s life wasn’t always like that, though. The young woman’s life was hard because she had to spend almost all of it chained. All that is over now, and she is happy living at the sanctuary.

Here is where you can see Faa Sai playing in the water!

Elephant Nature Park

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