After years apart, a mother elephant is moved to tears when she sees her daughter again.

After being separated for more than three years because of the tourist industry, a mother elephant and her daughter have a very emotional reunion at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, a rescue and rehabilitation center. The touching moment was caught on video, showing how much elephants care about each other.

MeBai, Mae Yui’s daughter, was taken away from her when she was only three and a half years old and forced to carry tourists on her back through the streets of Thailand. This is a sad fate that many Asian elephants share. MeBai kept living this miserable life for almost three years, which greatly hurt her health.

A group of volunteers saved the weak elephant just in time. They took her to the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in the province of Chiang Mai, where she learned to roam free again. But after so many years of suffering, the MeBai is in for a big surprise. Her mother had the same thing happen to her, and she too was saved and taken to a different sanctuary. But the group was able to find her, and they took her there so she could see her daughter again.

It’s a touching moment when the two elephants meet again after three years. It was just too hard to put into words because of how it made me feel. They held hands and cuddled for almost an hour. It really warmed my heart! A caretaker said, “This is a beautiful moment, and it proves that elephants never forget.” “Especially the elephant’s love.”

The two will stay together at the sanctuary until they are ready to go back to where they belong, which is in the wild. “The Elephant Nature Park is helping Mae Yui and Me-Bai get better so they can go back to the wild and live free,” the sanctuary wrote.

Watch the happy reunion in the video below!

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