At a wildlife sanctuary, a rescued zebra comforts a baby rhino that was left alone.

At the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa, where they were both in trouble, the two animals met and quickly became best friends. The odd couple got all the comfort and strength they needed from each other. Now, they can’t live without each other, and their story makes people worldwide feel good.

Life was very hard for both Daisy and Modjadji. But they overcame the odds together and are doing well at the place they call home, a sanctuary. Daisy, the baby rhino, was less than a day old when a rescue team found her in the Kruger National Park. She was taken to the sanctuary by helicopter, but her chances of living were very low. Anyway, the staff never gave up hope that they could save her.

“Our newest guest was found and saved during a normal operation in the Kruger. She was just 12 hours old when she came to the sanctuary on Thursday afternoon,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook. “She is so weak and vulnerable that she can’t even stand. This little calf is fed every hour, all day and night. At this point, the team takes turns so that there is always a caretaker with her. We have a long way to go, but each rhino is important.”

Modjadji’s story is the same as Daisy’s. When Daisy was brought to the sanctuary, she was already in the intensive care unit. During a storm, the baby zebra was found alone in South African fields, far from her family. Once she got to the sanctuary, she could start to get better. She wasn’t the only one. As soon as she saw Daisy, she fell in love with her, and that love helped them get through anything.

The sanctuary wrote, “She has become friends with little Daisy and gives her a lot of comforts.” “She is very kind to her, and it looks like they are already good friends.”

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary on Facebook
Daisy and Modjadji haven’t been apart in almost two months since they first met. They found comfort in each other that they had never had before, which helped them both get better faster.

“Rhinos are social animals that need to be with other rhinos. Louwhen Bowker from the Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary told THE DODO that Modjadji is a great friend to Daisy and is very affectionate with her. “At night, they cuddle up together, making Daisy feel safe and at ease. Modjadji is a friend who can always be with her. So Daisy doesn’t have to talk to too many people.

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