A camera captures a sweet moment between two barn owls.

Two barn owls “kissing” and cuddling on a branch will warm your heart during these harsh winter days. A wildlife photographer captured the lovely moment.

Leslie Arnott, 55, was teaching her students how to photograph birds of prey when the touching moment occurred. The gang monitored two barn owls in Warwickshire when they saw an emotional scene.

Leslie Arnott

Despite being sisters, the two birds enjoyed an intimate moment. They kissed and cuddled before the cameras. Leslie captured the unforgettable moment.

Leslie said the trained owls fly free in the woods so visitors may photograph them. The duo soared a bit before enjoying their special moment in the dark bush. It was really special when they landed on the limb and got close.

Leslie Arnott

Leslie has photographed thousands of birds, including barn owls, but never saw this. According to her, the two birds were sisters, although affectionate behavior is usual among owls.

Leslie Arnott

“They started kissing and caressing heads. “They kissed,” she said. It was a moment I’ve never seen before or since, despite attempts to duplicate it. These owls are loving and work well together, yet they are sisters.

Leslie captured some gorgeous photos of the owls’ intimate moments, which lasted two to three minutes.

Leslie Arnott

“It was luck as much as a talent to catch the split-second moment,” the woman added. They showed affection for three minutes and kissed twice.

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