A kind officer gets a lot of attention for sheltering stray dogs from the rain under his umbrella.

An old Irish saying says, “Being kind doesn’t cost anything.” Even a small act of kindness can make a big difference in the life of someone who needs help. Since the Internet isn’t just a place for bad things but also for heartwarming and inspiring stories, it makes sense that this cute picture of a kind police officer sharing his umbrella with two stray dogs went viral.

The beautiful moment was caught on camera by an amateur photographer. The Kolkata Police Department in India then posted it online, and the rest of the world just fell in love. The now-famous picture shows the officer covering the two dogs with his umbrella as it pours outside. “The photo was taken today near Park Circus seven-point crossing, and it shows on-duty East Traffic Guard Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal with some unexpected friends,” the police department wrote in a Facebook post.

Police officer Tarun Kumar Mandal directed traffic at one of the city’s busiest intersections. The officer was sitting in the pouring rain with an umbrella in his right hand. Suddenly, two stray dogs came up to him, looking for a place to get out of the rain. The kind officer seemed more than happy to let the dogs use his umbrella. He is now known as a hero all over the Internet because of how kind he was.

Sayan Chakraborty, an amateur photographer, was in the right place to get a picture of the moving moment at the right time. When the Kolkata Police first posted the photo on Facebook, it got tens of thousands of responses from people who were grateful for the officer’s act of kindness.

“What a hard job!” wrote one person. “On duty when it’s raining, and we’re safe at home, watching over two innocent strays.” “My Salute to a Real-Life Hero!” said another.

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