Dolphin swims close to shore to play with dog.

A dolphin and a dog meet at the beach in a scene that has never been seen before. Even though it doesn’t seem likely that dogs and dolphins would ever meet, it turns out that they really like each other. So many times, we’ve seen them share special moments, and this one is no different.

Anastasia Vinnikova was walking her dog Patrick on the beach when she had the most amazing thing ever happen. The couple was watching the sunset on Crimea’s Black Sea coast at Opuk Beach when Anastasia saw a pod of dolphins swimming close to the beach. But she had no idea that they could get even closer.

One of the dolphins suddenly swam toward the beach, almost making it to the shore, in a sweet attempt to play with the dog. Curiosity made the dog’s eyes light up when it saw the friendly sea creature, and it didn’t take long for the two to start chasing each other through the calm waves.

The unexpected meeting went on for a few minutes, with the dolphin swimming back into the water and returning to the beach a few times, just inches away. When Patrick is chasing the marine mammal into the water, he comes close to touching its tail one time.

Anastasia caught the touching moment on camera and posted it online; people can’t get enough of it. The woman wrote on Instagram, “Patrick has touched a dolphin, but I still haven’t.” “No one got hurt in the clip. The dolphins are swimming close to shore to catch fish.”

Here is the moment:

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