The baby orca got stuck and cried for hours until a group of strangers helped.

Killer whales were looking for seals off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, when one of the younger whales did something that got him stuck on a rocky outcropping. The poor whale was in a lot of pain because it was stuck on sharp rocks. He was exhausted and confused, and it was clear that he was in over his head and needed help badly. He was lucky that help came from a place he didn’t expect.

When people saw the whale stuck on the rocks, they splashed him with water and did what they could to help and comfort the huge marine animal. But it turned out that the rescue was very hard. The whale got stuck in a dangerous area of rocks, so rescuers had to move slowly and watch where they stepped.

Also, the whale was so big that it was hard to put him back in the water without hurting him even more. The whale was also showing clear signs of stress and anxiety, which caused him to act in very strange ways. Even so, the people who came together to help her didn’t give up.

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