A loyal dog waits for her sick owner outside a hospital for six days.

We call them “man’s best friend” for a reason: no other creature is as loyal as a dog. A dog in Turkey showed what it means to be faithful when she waited outside a hospital for her sick owner for almost a week.

On January 14, an ambulance took Cemal Senturk to the Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon, his home city. While the man was being checked out at the hospital, his beloved dog. Boncuk stayed at home with the rest of the family. But the faithful dog knew something was wrong with his favorite person, so she wanted to help him feel better. The dog got out of the apartment where the family lived and went with Senturk to the hospital.

DHA via AP

The hospital staff saw the small dog in front of the front doors and told Senturk’s family about it. Since they live close by, they took the worried dog home, but only for the night. The following day, they brought him back. When the head of the hospital saw how loyal the dog was to the person she loved most, he decided to do something. So, Senturk could talk to his furry friend, whom he loved, through a window.

The director of the hospital, Murat Ercan, said in a statement, “His dog “Boncuk” followed him to the hospital gate and wouldn’t leave for six days until her owner was released.” “Even though Boncuk’s family took her home, she sneaked out every day to wait outside the hospital gate.”

DHA via AP

Every morning for six days, the faithful friend showed up in front of the hospital to comfort her sick owner. Muhammet Akdeniz, who works in security at the Medical Park Hospital, told DHA agency news that she comes around 9 a.m. and waits until it gets dark. “She stays outside. She sticks her head in when the door opens.”

DHA via AP

When Senturk got out of jail after six days, he was happy to see his loyal dog again. Murat Ercan told CNN that the two have been best friends since Boncuk was a puppy nine years ago. “Once he was allowed to leave the hospital, he met his dog at the gate. He also said that Boncuk had been very nice during the six days and had won the love and affection of the whole staff.

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