Elephants rush into a pool to save a calf that is drowning.

Elephants are considered some of the smartest and most sensitive animals on Earth. These beautiful animals are also known for the special bonds they have with one another. And because of the strong bonds with each other, elephant parents tend to be overprotective. A recent viral video shows how elephants have an amazing sense of sacrifice. A dramatic video from the Seoul Grand Park Zoo shows two females working together to save a calf from drowning.

The child was trying to get some water to drink when he fell into the pool. Baby elephants can’t swim until they’re a few months old, as everyone knows. The young female standing next to him starts to get scared, but in a matter of seconds, an older female rushes to the scene and tries to grab the struggling calf.

When the mother elephant realizes she can’t save the baby elephant from drowning, she rushes into the pond and leads the baby back to safety. As you can see in the video below, there is even a third elephant who can’t help because it is separated from the rescue by a fence.

Even though it seems amazing, these elephants’ actions and quick thinking are very common in the world of elephants. Elephants have big families led by a strong woman called the matriarch. These giants live their whole lives with the same herd and have powerful bonds with their families.

See the exciting rescue here:

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