Once considered extinct, the smallest possum in the world was found alive on an island in Australia.

The tiny pygmy possum, the world’s smallest possum species, was thought to have died out, but it has been found alive!

The tiny animal was found on Australia’s Kangaroo Island for the first time since a huge fire destroyed the area a year ago. The terrible fire destroyed nearly 90% of the Island, and many species are thought to be gone for good. But it looks like things are better than first thought. Over 20 animals, including the pygmy possum, have been found alive.


Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, a group that works to protect wildlife, made the find. A fauna ecologist named Pat Hodgens told Guardian Australia that this is the first time the species has been seen alive after a fire.

Craig Wickham, the managing director of Exceptional Kangaroo Island, told Newsweek, “Even though fires destroyed nearly 90% of the tiny Dunnart habitat, a lot of animals have been seen there since.” Their sightings by motion-detecting cameras are good news for the Island, where there were fears that habitat loss would wipe out the threatened nocturnal marsupial, of which there were only 300 to 500.


The pygmy possum is from Kangaroo Island and Tasmania, but it has only been seen 113 times. It has also been seen occasionally in South Australia and Victoria. The possum weighs about 0.35 ounces and is very hard to spot.

Pat Hodgens said, “He’s not very common, and the summer bushfires destroyed a lot of the habitat that species used to live in, but we were still hopeful that we’d find them.” “It’s very important now because it’s kind of like the last refuge for many of these species that depend on very old, long, unburned plants.”

Last year’s bushfire season was very bad and left a big mark on Australia’s biodiversity. Because of the fire, nearly three billion animals died.

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