Lion’s favorite toy broke, and when he gets a new one, he has the cutest reaction.

Most people know that cats that live in homes like to play. It’s true that they only play when they want to, but they usually like to mess around every now and then. But are all big cats alike? We can’t say for sure about all of them, but we know that the lion in the video below loves to play. A lot! Even though most people think of lions as dangerous, this majestic male shows that they can also be playful. In fact, this lion loves to play more than anything else. So it makes sense that he has a favorite toy.

The lion’s favorite plaything was a yellow donut. That was until he chewed a hole in it, so the people who take care of the lion at the sanctuary where he lives had to put the toy away. After being unable to play with his favorite toy for a few months, Cameron got a brand-new yellow donut to play with. The lion’s reaction when he gets his paws on the foamy toy he loves is so cute and totally unexpected, given what we know about how dangerous these animals are.

See the lion’s cute response below.

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