A saved dog drags her blanket outside to give it to a cold stray dog.

Dogs have shown over and over again that they are kind and willing to help anyone in need. But even so, their kindness never stops surprising me. This time, an 8-month-old rescue dog in Brazil did something unique that everyone loved.

Lana’s life was tough because she and her siblings lived on the streets before they were saved. Lana was taken in by a young couple who gave her all the love and comfort she had never known. After living on the streets, she became a very spoiled puppy. But it seems that her new life made her an even nicer person.


Lana fell in love with Suelen Schaumloeffel and her husband as soon as she met them. The rescue dog knew they would give her nothing but love. Lana still slept in the backyard, even though the weather was getting cooler. Because of this, her parents gave her a very warm blanket. It was her favorite thing, and she always used it to sleep and play.

But one cold morning, as Suelen’s husband was going to work, he saw something that he couldn’t believe. When he left their house, he saw that Lana had brought her blanket outside to give to a cold, homeless dog.

The sweet thing Lana did was make both of her parents cry. Suelen told The Dodo, “I thought, ‘How beautiful that she did that for her friend.'” “My best four-legged friend showed me how important it is to be kind.”


Suelen and her husband tried to get close to the freezing puppy to see if he had an ID tag, but the poor thing got scared and ran away. Only then did they think he might be a homeless dog. But they hope that, like their beloved Lana, he will return to help him.

The woman said, “She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met.” “Sometimes, we forget how much we can change someone else’s life. She brought this to mind.


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