A brave moose jumps off a cliff and swims away.

Strange video footage shows a brave moose in Newfoundland, Canada, making an impossible jump off a cliff. The event happened in front of some boaters, who took pictures of it.

Alyssa Hewlett went fishing in Nippers Harbor. While there, she saw a young moose climbing up a cliff. She didn’t know what the big animal would do, so she set up a camera to record. But all of a sudden, the moose got too close to the edge of the rocks, lost its balance, and fell into the water.

The people on the boat feared the worst because they didn’t think the animal would make it through the jump. “Oh no! “Is she gone?” asks the person taking the video. The animal then surprised them by swimming away as if nothing had happened. “Woo, I’m pulling for you, buddy!” she says.

A biology professor at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Ronald Moen, said that even though it looks like the moose is in real danger in the video, that’s not the case.

The professor, who also won the 2016 Distinguished Moose Biologist Award, told Mashable that the moose probably walked down the cliff but couldn’t get back up. “It might have been looking for food, but there didn’t seem to be much around. Moose are good swimmers, and the water was calm enough that it could have found a way back to land.

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