In dramatic video footage, a sea otter jumps on a man’s boat to escape an orca.

Wild video shows a small sea otter running away from a hungry orca that was chasing it. It looked like the otter would die, but it jumped on a boat and got away just in time. The boat’s captain saw what was happening!

John Dornellas, who works for an exploration company, was out on a boat in Alaska’s Kachemak Bay when he saw something amazing. The 37-year-old saw at least three killer whales and a group of sea otters, but this was something he saw all the time. But all of a sudden, he saw that one of the orcas had started to chase some fish. And it was heading straight for his boat. That’s when he started making music.

Someone from another boat took a picture of John Dornellas. “Oh my gosh. In the video, Dornellas says, “It’s coming right up to the front of the boat.” “Oh, man, that poor otter wants to get out of the water as soon as possible. Oh my god, this guy is so sad.”

A sea otter jumped out of the water and onto the deck right in front of him a few seconds later. The poor animal was just a few inches away from being caught by the huge orca, but its quick thinking saved its life.

Someone can hear the man say, “Hey, I’m not going to hurt you.” “You do well. You can take as much time as you want to relax up here!”

The lucky otter stayed on Dornellas’ boat until the pod of orcas was no longer visible. Then, it went back to the ocean.

John Dornellas was taken aback by what happened. He told the For The Win Outdoors, “This whole thing took me by surprise and was completely unbelievable.” I was in awe—there was powerful hunting energy coming from the orca that I can’t explain. The air had visceral energy that I can’t explain. “I felt so lucky to see something like that,” she said.

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