When an antelope friend falls into the water, an elephant calls for help and saves its life.

A small, helpless antelope at a zoo in Guatemala could have had a nightmare when it tried to play with the rest of its group. The animal with horns fell into the water accidentally and tried hard to get out. The antelope got a second chance because the elephant had sharp eyes and told the keepers as soon as she saw that her little friend was in danger. When the elephant cried out for help, a brave zookeeper heard it and saved the day. A visitor took a video of the exciting moment!

When Maria Diaz went to the Zoológico La Aurora in Guatemala, she saw something she won’t forget for a long time. A group of antelopes were running around in the elephants’ enclosure when one of them fell into a pond and was in danger of drowning. But luckily, Trompita, a 60-year-old elephant, was keeping watch, and she amazingly saved the day.

The woman wrote on Facebook, “Today I was lucky to see something wonderful. An elephant seemed desperate to warn that an antelope was drowning, and a brave worker saved it.”

The scared elephant was yelling for help as loudly as she could, and she even tried to pick up the helpless animal with her trunk, but she couldn’t. Lucky for the elephant, a zookeeper heard its cries for help and ran to see what was happening. The brave man, Romeo López, was able to get the antelope out of the water in the end.

“I saw an antelope fighting for its life in the water, and an elephant was trying to help it,” Maria Diaz told the Storyful. “In the end, a brave worker saved it, making me proud and happy.”

Trompita has been at the Aurora Zoo for more than 14 years. Because he lives in the same enclosure as the antelopes, he has grown close to them.

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