The nicest thing rescue animals at a shelter did for a lonely puppy.

Osito, a puppy, was recently left alone and without any friends when his family decided they didn’t need him anymore. But he didn’t have to be alone for long.

In Cusco, Peru, there is a place for homeless dogs called Colitas Sin Techo. She took him in when Felicia Quispe Arana heard about Osito’s situation. But the woman wasn’t sure if Osito would be accepted by the other people in the shelter. The woman said in an interview, “There are no puppies at our shelter. Most of the dogs are already adults, and all of them are big. I didn’t know what they would do when they met Osito.”


At first, the puppy was the only one in the new place, but the other dogs were happy to have a new friend, which made a huge difference. Arana also said, “At first, Osito was scared when he saw so many big dogs. After meeting the other dogs, he felt at ease and confidently walked around.


The dog, who used to be alone, made many new friends at the shelter. Over time, he got what he needed, a place he could call his own. Arana also says, “We were able to find someone who took him in and raised him as their own. Now that he has a family, I hope he lives a long and happy life.” Let’s hope that his friends at the shelter will also get lucky like Osito did and find homes forever.

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